Starbucks Management Careers

Available Starbucks Management Opportunites

At Starbucks, you may find management opportunities as an Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, a District Manager or perhaps a Regional Director. Each tier of the award winning management team at Starbucks relies on information and technology to keep a stable and consistent work environment. It is essential that every member of management stay up to date on training and production related techniques to make certain that service and integrity remain number one priorities. Management positions offer amazing opportunities and benefits for those motivated to make the Starbuck Experience a career and help the dream stay true.

Starbucks managers represent a higher level of honesty and efficiency marked by distinct attention to detail and accountability. Managers must exhibit an ethical mindset to uphold the Starbucks standards and proudly display their willingness to lead. Managerial members are required to delegate responsibilities such as hiring new partners, and exacting disciplinary actions when needed. Daily financial duties, schedule development to guarantee complete coverage and more, all which require great attention to detail and a just frame of mind.

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If you are interested in applying for a Starbucks management position, check out the management links at the Starbucks career center online. From there, you will be able to navigate your way to a Starbucks online job application and all the tools you need to succeed.

Here is a quick glance at the levels of management available at Starbucks:

Assistant Store Manager: You may already have experience in the retail or restaurant food service industries. Starbuck’s Assistant Store Managers are given the added responsibility to drive an excellent customer service and satisfaction engine. As a team leader of amazing Baristas and Shift Supervisors, distributing your experience and enthusiasm for your work will motivate team members to excel in greatness. Assistant managers may be required to attend ongoing training sessions to further develop and expand your knowledge, and to stay familiarized with company initiatives.

Store Manager: As the head of excellence on the store level you will be the voice of inspiration to all the partners at your location. Store Managers responsibilities will include generating financial results from maintaining quality beverages and positive customer interactions. Store Managers train and create amazing partners that will continue the traditions of the Starbucks Experience by providing the quality of service demonstrated by your leadership.

District Manager: The District Manager position is the linking strength of a Starbucks chain. Responsible for maintaining multiple store accountability, training of Store Managers and establishing a step by step governing of education, the District Manager is a motivator and a mentor. As a Starbucks District Manager it will be your duty to oversee the operations of more than one high pace, highly efficient retail locations. You must show the dependability of ensuring that every customer receives outstanding care, attention and above all service. District Managers often work closely with other managers and Regional Directors to drive ambition and stimulate team members into satisfying all the requirements sent down from Starbucks organizers. District Managers must show exemplary leadership skills, planning proficiency and the will to execute policy and procedures in accordance with Starbucks codes of conduct.  

Regional Directors: Regional Directors begin the chain of excellence and pass the teachings down the line. Begin responsible for multi-million dollars in annual sales requires an ability to develop strategic techniques unique for their particular areas of operation. These members of management exceed in capability and confidence when evaluating financial results and adjusting methods of approach to promotional and seasonal products. Regional Managers are conscientious of the need to inspire greatness in their District managers in order to guarantee operational superiority and stability.