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Available Starbucks Job Opportunities

At Starbucks, our people are not just employees, they are partners in quality. Partners often begin their career at coffee tasting or roasting events. Starbucks believes that working at Starbucks closely resembles working with your friends. It is very common for senior leaders to host forum events that allow open question and answer opportunities for partners to ask, and be informed. Starbucks offers its partners the chance to shine in all they do. The partner experience caters to the excellence in each of its members, allowing each individual to share with one another through a network of over 50 clubs that connect interests and lifestyles abroad.

In addition to the great environment and atmosphere that you will experience at Starbucks, there are benefits that seal the deal on perfection. Competitive pay and insurances are just a start. For those interested in stocks there is equity program and a discounted purchase plan available. For working parents, Starbucks offers referral services and resource support for child and eldercare as well. There is no object too big for Starbucks to overcome as an employer. Starbucks prides itself on great service and great coffee, you are just one step away from an exciting new career.

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There are many incentives to work at Starbucks. Aside from the benefits of pay and insurance, partners may find that their hobbies are also catered to. As part of the network of partners, there can be access to sports leagues and language clubs. These programs are driven by partners and an internal recognition program.

Perhaps the best benefit available is a free pound of coffee per week. Who doesn’t love free Starbucks coffee?

Starbucks Restaurant Job Opportunities:

Upon being welcomed into the Starbucks family, your initial task will be to provide a friendly and fun experience for each customer, focused on quality beverages and excellence service. Starbucks offers a wide variety of snacks and coffee blends that require precise production practices. Cleanliness is the top concern throughout a store location to maintain the reputation and integrity of the Starbucks name.

Those that choose to seek higher ranks of excellence in the Starbucks family will have endless opportunities to advance. With the right amount of skill, commitment, and dedication, any partner can nourish their opportunity into a bright future in Starbucks and the food industry. Don’t wait, complete your Starbucks online application now!

Starbucks offers the following positions:

Barista: As a Barista you represent the face of a company full of partners that strive to provide quality service and the industry standard of quality. Our products are held at the pinnacle of what is good coffee. Baristas are responsible for the constant flow of interaction between our customers, and endeavor to offer the best service available. Baristas always act with integrity and honesty that upholds the culture we all create at Starbucks. Part of a successful partner program must include encouragement and recognition of successful milestones for new members, which will assist in creating and maintaining a motivational and enjoyable environment.

Shift Supervisor: The seasoned Barista, tasked with offering excellent assistance to the store manager on daily procedures. Shift Supervisors entrust partners with the responsibility of their daily tasks. As you ensure the Starbucks Experience is provided to each and every customer, you will be advancing the cause of a company that is rated highly among great places to work. Reporting to the Store Manager on all aspects of partner morale, you will be in integral link in the chain of excellence. It will be your pleasure to train new partners, and to evaluate quality of service and relate that information consistently to the Store Manager.